Mont Saint-Michel Private Tour from Nantes

To reach this unique place in the world, also known as the Marvel of the Western World, the sea has to draw aside to let anyone go through.  The Mont Saint Michel is at the same time a village, an island and an abbey erected on the top of the rock at almost 100 meters […]

St Malo Dinan Rennes Private Tour From Nantes

Today you will head to the Emerald Coast to start with the visit of St-Malo. The Corsair Town, was the base and hometown of the most famous ship owners and “legal pirates”. It has an amazing fortified oldtown on the emerald coast in the northern part of Brittany. You will take a walk on the […]

Loire Valley Castles Private Tour From Nantes

Would the construction of so many castles in the Loire valley have been possible without the main «ingredient»: the Loire river, the largest one in France that crosses the country from east to west, and its numerous tributaries ? That makes the region a very old crossroad of ideas, culture, arts and trade of course […]

Normandy DDay Private Tour From Nantes

Overlord Operation, Neptune Operation, Cobra Operation, Epsom Operation…are some of the events that took place in Normandy that your private guide will inform you about. Most of all, you will be in the Dday sites where millions of Allied Troops landed on June 6th 1944 and during several weeks. The Dday beaches coded Sword, Juno, […]