Picturesque Normandy and DDay Battlefields 2 Days

Normandy Flavors and DDay sites private tour from Bayeux (2 days)

Day 1

Charming authentic villages and flavors of Normandy private tour from Bayeux.

Without any doubt Normandy is one of the most beautiful countryside in France especially, the area known as le Pays d’Auge. Besides, for our great pleasure, it concentrates worldwide famous local products and medieval châteaux.

Camembert, Livarot, Pont-l’Evêque are not only villages but famous norman cheeses that you will taste,

as you will have different apple products such as Cider, Calvados, Pommeau…

Another aspect of picturesque Normandy is the amazing amount of manors, châteaux, mansions that are the heritage, most of the times, of the medieval society.

To have that other taste of Normandy you will visit le Chateau de Carrouges where the 3 main owning families lived from the 1300’s until 1936. That helped to keep unity and harmony in the architecture and to preserve the whole place through the centuries. The château has been brought bact into light with Ridley Scott’s movie « The last Duel», indeed, Jean de Carrouges is one of the two protagonists of the last legal duel in France in 1386.

If you wish to be in the owning Lords’ shoes and really feel what it was like to be at te same table as guests like the queen Catherine Medici or the king Louis XI you can opt to have a private lunch in the château with barbecue in the huge fireplaces, (a minimum amount of participants is required).

Day 2

WW2 Battlefields private tour from Bayeux

Overlord Operation, Neptune Operation, Cobra Operation, Epsom Operation…are some of the events that took place in Normandy that your private guide will inform you about. Most of all, you will be in the DDay sites where millions of Allied Troops landed on June 6th 1944 during several weeks.
The Dday beaches coded Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah is a 120 km (80 miles) extended zone in the west side of the Normandy country. In that coast line there is a sixth zone known as Pointe du Hoc where US Ranger Batalions achieved something that will always remain unique.

It is impossible to cover the whole coast line one day however, in one day your private guide will take you to 3 or 4 sites such as Pegasus Bridge, one the first site captured during the battle of Normandy by the 6th British Airborne Division in gliders, definitely one of the sharpest action, then the Canadian sector is nearby especially Juno Beach and its museum opened in 2003, from Juno we will reach Gold beach in the British sector where you will see what remains from Mulberry B, the port that was made in front of the little town of Arromanches Les Bains. During this visit you will indeed realize that logistics was one of the most impressive and conclusive aspects of the war.

Then a little bit more west, there is still a heavy German battery of artillery known as Longues Battery where you will have an example of how big was the threat on the Allies.
Once we pass the charming fishing port town called Port en Bessin we are in the American sector and will head to Omaha Beach where the landscape gives a very good idea about what the GI’S of the 1st and 29th US Infantry division had to go through, threatened by the German defense positions mainly on the bluff.
The US Military Cemetery since 1956 overlooks the east side of Omaha Beach.

Before reaching Utah, a must see stop has to be made in Pointe du Hoc to see what the courage and the sacrifice of the 225 rangers achieved on the the top of 30 meters high cliffs (100 feet).
The furthest beach in the west side of the coastline is Utah in the south of the Cherbourg peninsula where around 15000 paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st US Airborne Division jumped into the night to start the combat and to capture the village of Sainte Mère Eglise at 4.30 am on june 6th.

During this day you will be in the footsteps of these young soldiers who liberated a whole continent in a unique amphibious military operation. It is our common heritage.